No. Short code Purpose Organization
1 1900 Customer Care Hot Line for matters related to telecommunications sector TRCSL (Telecommunications Regulatory commission of Sri Lanka)
2 1901 Hot Line for complaints regarding electricity service Ministry of Power & Energy
3 1902 Hot Line for General Public Ministry of Home Affairs
4 1905 Hot Line of Investigation & Monitoring Unit Ministry of Public Administration & Home Affairs
5 1908 Hot Line for Presidential Secretariat Presidential Secretariat Office
6 1909 IMEI Verification System TRCSL
7 1910 Hot Line for reporting Power supply breakdowns (LECO Areas) LECO (Lanka Electricity Company)
8 1911 Hot Line to provide information & obtain complaints regarding examinations conducted by Dept. of Examinations Department of Examinations
9 1915 Hotline to receive complaints from public Dept. of Archaeology
10 1916 To provide customer service Strategic Enterprise Management Agency (SEMA)
11 1917 Hot Line to provide customer service Ministry of Megapolis & Western Development
12 1918 To provide services to farmers Ministry of Agriculture
13 1919 Government Information Centre Information & Communication Technology Agency (ICTA)
14 1920 Hot line for farmers to contact Agricultural Services Center Ministry of Agriculture Development
15 1921 To provide a better service to the public regarding the mineral sector. Geological Survey & Mines Bureau
16 1922 Customer Care Hot Line of State Mortgage & Investment Bank    State Mortgage & Investment Bank
17 1929 Child Help Line Ministry of Child Development & Women’s Empowerment
18 1930 Public Awareness Building on National Needs & Media promotions Independent Television Network
19 1933 Hot line for complaints related to Encroachment of lands, business premises, houses and writing of false deeds Sri Lanka Police Department (CID Operation Unit)
20 1938 Women Help Line Ministry of Child Development & Women’s Affairs
21 1939 Customer Care Hot Line of Water Board National Water Supply & Drainage Board
22 1940 To communicate with Sri Lankan Youth through youth development program. National Youth Services Council
23 1944 Hot Line to provide more services to Tax payers Department of Inland Revenue
24 1948 To obtain information related to tobacco and alcohol National Authority on Tobacco & Alcohol
25 1949 To obtain more information about the services and for any queries. The Associated Newspaper of Ceylon Ltd
26 1950 Hot Line for e- services provided by Postal Dept. Department of Posts
27 1951 To provide information of skilled labour for those who needed services Min. of Skills Development & Vocational Training
28 1954 Hot Line for Complaints on Bribery and Corruptions Commission to Investigate Allegation of Bribery or Corruptions
29 1955 For public complaints on long distance private buses National Transport Commission
30 1956 To make complaints for those who can’t get services from government institutes in their own language Ministry of National Languages & Social Integration
31 1959 To provide information and advices required by the public from National Hospital National Hospital of Sri Lanka
32 1960 To receive complaints from public Police Commission
33 1961 Hot line for Customers Peoples bank
34 1962 Hot Line for inquiries on immigration and emigration matters Department of Immigration & Emigration
35 1966 To provide technical information and advices for public Ministry of Technology & Research
36 1968 For emergency calls to inform road blockages Road Development Authority
37 1969 For emergency calls to Southern Expressway Operations Centre Road Development Authority
38 1970 For inquiries of Pensioners Department of Pensions
39 1973 Customer service hot line for general public Sri Lankan Air Lines Ltd.
40 1977 Hot line for Consumer Complaints and Inquiries Consumer Affairs Authority
41 1979 Hot line for passengers on reservation and other information Sri Lankan Air Lines Ltd
42 1980 Hot Line to receive queries and complaints University Grants Commission
43 1982 Hot line for Customers Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA)
44 1984 Hot line for counseling and operational activities National Dangerous Drugs Control Board
45 1987 Hot line for reporting power supply breakdown (CEB Areas) Ceylon Electricity Board
46 1988 Hot line for National Operations Centre of Education Ministry Ministry of Education
47 1989 Hot line for the complaints and grievances of foreign employees and their family members Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
48 1990 Emergency Pre -Hospital Care Ambulance Service Ministry of Health
49 1991 To obtain public complaints relating to environmental protection & management of natural resources Ministry of Environmental & Natural Resources
50 1992 To get complaints about electric fence breakdowns Wild Life Department
51 1995 For general public to obtain appointments in advance Ministry of Foreign Affairs
52 1996 Hot line for reporting Human Rights issues Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka
53 1999 For the use of TRC projects TRC