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Mr.Saman Dharshana Pandikorala
District Secretary 

Performing the development and administration activities and coordinating according to the government policies maintain the welfare of the people to a commendable level by   helpingcontemporary social needs.

Additional District Secretary

Strengthening the district administration through guiding the activities of divisional secretary’s and other institutes in the district under the approval of the district secretary.


Additional District Secretary (Land)



Assistant District Secretary

Performing assisting duties to development and administration activities under the guidance of District Secretary and Additional District Secretary and maintaining internal administration to a commendable level.

Mr. S.Parameswaran
Chief Accountant

Doing financial management to perform development, welfare, disaster relief and administration in the district to a commendable level and doing the financial responsibility for people through the financial report.


Chief Internal Auditor

Conducting internal audit activities on system analysis and perfomance analysis, in addition to financial auditing and conducting special investigations to ensure the credible accountability to the stakeholders.


Planning Director

Developing on going in depth knowledge of district planning issues and priorities through communication with the government policies,organizations and communities to provide professional planning leadership and management of staff within the single planning development team, with a clear emphasis on performance delivery, continues improvement and customer services to a commendable level.


Agriculture Director

District level agriculture development, drop production programing in district level. Commercial farming and fruit farming



Deputy Director of Planning


Administrative Officer

Administrative and Establishment services (EBs) required for District Administration and Divisional Secretariat Administration.


Mr A.A.L. Prasad Wijesinghe

Financial Administration and Management Services required for District Secretariat & Divisional Secretariats and standing as the representative for all other Ministries, Departments and Government Institutions for their expenditure programmes.

Mr. A.K.M.Nabeel

Supervising and monitoring the all construction and maintenance work in trincomalee district. Carryout and implementing projects under other ministries. supervising and checking payment vouchers for the construction works.

District Samurdhi Director

Implements district level Samurdhi Relief Programmes, Livelihood Development Programmes and other Social and Community development Programmes.




Act as the district representative for the Department of Census and Statistics in compiling Economic, Demographic and Socio-cultural statistics.



Assistant Director of Planning


Mr.Rohan Prashanth

Assistant Director of Planning

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 Mr S.M.Raseen

Media Officer


Mr. A.L.Nawsath
Officer Incharge (Standered Measurment Unit)

Stamping of weighing instruments, petrolium pumps, emission test, raids.


Assistant Director (Youth Service) 

Organizing cultural, sports,guide and loan for youth, self employment, arrange the leadership programs,Language programs

Mr. K.Sugunathas
District DMC Officer

Organizing the awarness programs to the people, providing the production service to affected places.