11th Annual Government Agent cricket tournament  was held on 31st August 2019 at Muthur under the guidance of District Secretary N.A.A.Pushpakumara. This year This Annual Government Agent cricket tournament  was Organized by Muthur Divisional Secretariat. District Secretariat  Cricket Team and 11 Divisional Secretariat cricket Teams were Participated to this Tournament. Finally Kanthale and Morawewa Divisional Secretariat Teams were selected to Final. finally Kanthale Divisional Secretariat cricket Team won the final and got the Champion Trophy 2019. 

Addition Government Agent Mr.K.Arunthavarajah, Addition Government Agent (Land) Mr.M.A.Anas, Assistant Government Agent Mr.N.Pratheepan, Chief Accountant Mr. K.Parameswaran, Divisional Secretries, Assistant Divisional Secretries, Assistant Planning Directors, all head of the Department , Staffs also participated to this tournamant. It is also worth mentioning that the Verugal Divisional Secretariat has been selected for Organized the next year (2020) Government Agent cricket tournament .