Trincomalee District Government Mr.N.A.A.Pushpakumara said that the women should enhance their business venture with the assistance provided. Further at the event of the International Women's Day organized by the District Secretariat Trincomalee be started in his speech that due to the war Trincomalee District women faced so many difficulties to strengthen women government is implementing many activities. with the aim of strengtheing women many activities are implementing through the District and Divisional Secretariat during the process of strengthening women, the families that are headed by women will be prioritized. At this event a memento was gifted to the District Secretary by the District women federation to appriciats his service to the people of Trincomalee District.

The Additional District Secretary Mr.K.Arunthavarajah and Mr.M.A.Anas Additional District Secretary(Land), Heads of the Department, members of the District women federation and many others were participated to this event.


The event that gives April Affirmation against illegal drug use held on 03rd April 2019 at the District Secretariat Trincomalee.

Mr.M.A.Anas Additional Government Agent(Land), Mrs.K.Parameswaran Director Planning, Mr.N.Pratheepan Assistant District Secretary, Mr.Jeyantha Wijayasekara President Co-ordinator, Mr.S.K.D.Neranjan Administrative officer of District Secretariat Trincomalee abd many including fellow officers were participated in this event.

The first District Co-Ordination Committee Meeting for the year 2019 was held at the Main conference hall of Trincomalee District Secretariat on 25th February 2019. Co-chairmans of District Co-Ordination Committee Hon.Abdullah Maharoof  The Deputy Minister of ports and shipping and Hon.R.Sampanthan presided the District Co-Ordination Committee Meeting.

The Government Agent Mr.N.A.A.Pushpakumara stated that under the Gramashakthi project, 66 social Administrative Villages and 33 poverty elimination villages are selected so far and this project will be implemented soon, likewise under the Gamperaliya project Rs. 846 million have been received for 1163 projects and it has been  released to Divisional Secretaries.

During the District Co-Ordination Committee Meeting many matters such as National food production project, Drugs elimination project, project regarding kidney diseases and District Social Economic problems were reviewed.

Hon.Susantha Punchinilame, members of Parliament, Hon.K.Thurairetnasingam members of Parliament, Political Bodies, Government Authorities, Tri Forces, and Police Officials attended the District Co-Ordination Committee Meeting.

Trincomalee District National day events were held in parallel to the 71st National Day celebration events held in the area near to the Trincomalee Fredrick Fort, Headed by Eastern province Governor Hon.Dr.M.L.A.M.Hisbullah and Member of Parliament of Trincomalee District Hon.Imran Maharoof.

The National Leaders came to freedom of our nation after the unity of the racial discrimination beyond the ethnic differences. The Governor stated that eastern province has suffered a setback in many sectors, hence before the next National day events his aim is devoting his fall commitment to the development of the Eastern Province in all field matters and the Governor also request the support of all.

Political Leaders, Eastern Province Chief Secretary Mr.D.M.S.Abeygunawardane, District Secretary Mr.N.A.A.Pushpakumara, Secretaries of Eastern Province Council, Other Senior Government Officers from Eastern Province Council,   Tri Forces, Police Officers, Public and Students also were Participated to this event.

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