Disaster Management
Main activities of the DMC

  • DMC will be directing, issuing guidelines, facilitating , coordinating, monitoring, where necessary directly implementing or enforcing activities related to.
    • Disaster management technology, long-term mitigation & mitigation& DRR
    • Hazard mapping and Risk Assessment
    • Information and data collection
    • Research and Analysis
    • Building Technology
    • DMC Website
    • Long term Disaster Risk Reduction
    • Specific risk reduction project to reduce specific identified risks
    • DRR integration in Development
    • Long-term action planning
  • Early warning
    • Have systems in place for receiving forecasting and early warning
    • Forecasting of impending disasters
    • Early warning and dissemination
  • Emergency operation in case of a disaster
    • Establishments of national emergency operation centre
    • Establishments of emergency operation rooms at provincial, district and divisional levels
    • Carrying out emergency operation, coordinating with armed forces, police and other related agencies at national and all sub levels
  • Preparedness planning ( National and other levels )
    • Preparation of national disaster management plan and emergency operation plans
    • Facilitating, issuing guidelines, coordinating, directing and monitoring of preparation of disaster preparedness and response plans at provincial district, local authority, divisional and village levels
    • Preparedness for timely and effective response Equitable relief distribution, speedy recovery timely rehabilitation and reconstruction at national levels and all sub levels
  • Training, Education Public Awareness
    • Training- Disaster risk reduction related training at all levels
    • Education- integration of disaster risk reduction in school curricula and in university curricula as appropriate
    • Social marketing ( public Awareness )- programs for officials at all levels, school children and community levels




    Sunami Early Warning Towers - Trincomalee District
    Pudawekattu Musilm Vidyalayac - Kuchchaveli
    Tharaijanna Vudyalaya - Muthur
    Central Bus Stand - Trincomalee Town
    Al - Hira Vidyalaya - Kinniya
    Nilaveli Tamil Vidyalaya - Kuchchaveli
    Illangathurey Mugathuwaramn GTMMS - Eachcilampatthu.

News & Events

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News & Events