Our Vision

To Provide effective and efficient services To people By strengthening the district administration

Our Mission

  • Strengthening the Divisional administration,get corporation of all sectors to implement government policies,maximize the use of resources in proper development process to provide maximum welfare to people



District Secretariat, Trincomalee is basically providing with the public services under mandatory requirements of public administration. General Administration and Establishment services and Divisional Secretariats are the two main service components. The general objectives of those stand as indicated below.


  • To Co-ordinate efficiently and effectively the activities with Divisional Secretariats,
  • To assure timely communication between Divisional, District, Regional and National levels of administration,
  • To oversee Annual Decentralized Budget’s Development Projects in Trincomalee District,
  • To Co-ordinate election activities,
  • To collect revenue due for Government,
  • To coordinate other development initiatives with local and international stakeholders.


Key Activities

  • All statutory duties required for District Administration
  • Implementation and management of poverty reduction initiatives
  • Administration of disaster, relief and rehabilitation projects,
  • Planning and oversight of district level development projects,
  • Co-ordination of election activities,
  • District Level Special Project administration and execution,
  • Coordination the activities of revenue collection, issue of licenses and permits
  • Coordination of the other line Ministry/Departments activities



Trincomalee, a picturesque city with a natural harbor, scenic beauty, and military, commercial and historical importance is situated in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Trincomalee District is boarded with Mulathivu District in North, Anuradhapura District in West and Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa Districts in the South.

The main sources of income of the community are the agriculture and fishing. The tourism industry is also another important economic activity of the area. With its excellent natural harbor and strategic positioning, international companies like Prima Ceylon and Tokyo Cement, have located their manufacturing plants and distribution center at Trincomalee.

The Trincomalee harbor with about 50 km of line is considered as one of the best sheltered harbors found in the world. The harbor is locked in by hills and mountains on three sides and on the fourth is protected by a few islands. Lord Nelson who visited Trincomalee as a teenager in 1775 later described it as “The Finest Harbor in the World”. It is the world’s fifth largest natural harbor.

One of the landmarks along the uninterrupted sea beach is the Pigeon Island a few hundred meters offshore from Nilaveli, usually a 15 minute trip by outboard motor boat. One can see the underwater corals, colored fish and other marine life there. Tourists frequently visit this island for snorkel diving to have a glimpse at these lovely under water living creatures. A popular place for sighting unusual tropical marine fish is Chape Rocks, a current swept rocky outcrop.

The striking cliff along the northernmost promontory of Fort Fredrick is known as the Swamy Rock and it is over 360 feet (110 Meters) high. At the top of it is the Thirukoneswaram temple. According to Hindu belief, King Ravana who was a devotee of Lord Siva worshipped at this Koneswaram Shrine. The Kovil is one of the great “Salivate Isvarams” famous in ancient times. Apart from this most revered Koneswara Temple there are other places of Hindu worship. Sacred areas of the Buddhists, the historical circular pillared temple at Thiriya, the Vihare at Seruwila and the Velgam Vihara are found in Trincomalee. Muslim Mosque in Kinniya, churches belonging to the Catholics and various other Christian missions, all show the understanding and harmony that prevail in this District.

The seven springs each holding waters of varying temperature are found in Kanniya at close proximity to each other, some believe that the waters of these springs have some healing powers too.

Trincomalee Town is quiet and cosmopolitan with Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and Burghers all living in amity which should be not disturbed. It has a very rich historical past. Trincomalee is more than a holiday destination with its clean sandy beaches and recreation opportunities. The Koddiyar Bay and the natural harbor enhance its commercial and military importance. Trincomalee has been and will be the apple of many generations in this Isle.